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Before you hire your commercial copywriter, you need to know they can deliver! Take a look at my portfolio gallery below and imagine the types of projects I could do for you. Just click on any of the image preview icons to open the PDF.

Categories for your review include:

*Case Study Copy     *Newsletter and Blog Copy     *Consumer Product Copy    

*Published Nonfiction and Fiction 

*Educational Services Industry Copy     *Human Resources Industry Copy

Case Study Copy


The best way to market your organization is to show how you solved someone else’s problem. C-suite executives and other decision-makers want to see real life use cases. They want the metrics that show exactly what happened and how you made everything better. Case studies provide the human side of marketing. If you tell me your success stories today, I can craft them into compelling case studies that show the world what you can do.

Newsletter and Blog Copy


Every business needs to communicate, and there truly is no better way then with eye-catching copy that people love to read AND SHARE. Whether you have a regular blog or if you send out newsletters, you need fresh copy focused on the needs and desires of your target audience. Let me help you produce that new copy on a regular basis.

Consumer Product Copy


Want to improve your traffic and conversion rates? You need distinctive product copy. These examples highlight some SEO strategies at play. Consumer product copy needs to be visual, easy to scan, and above all it must connect with your customers on an emotional level. This type of copy both informs customers and persuades on-the-fence consumers to take action. Send me an email, and let’s see if I can liven up your copy.

Published Nonfiction and Fiction













Have you been putting off writing that million-dollar book idea? Maybe you’re worried you don’t have enough time, or that your idea may not be that

great. Put all that nay-saying behind you!

Step 1 – Figure out the basic idea of what you want to say.

Step 2 – Let me help you put the pieces together.

Click on any of the books above to see how I did it. You too CAN be an author.  Let’s set up some time and talk about what type of book you want to share with the world.

Educational Services Industry Copy


These samples show my ability to target different segments of the educational services market. Not only does this copy catch the attention of users, such as students, but I also wrote this copy to attract educators, professional development trainers, human resources managers, and more. You too can reach multiple segments of your markets with strategic copy, and I would love to show you the way.

Human Resources Industry Copy


Check out this marketing copy that promotes the services of staffing agencies. Articles like this can demonstrate thought leadership within the industry. Sharing your organization’s insights makes you into an authority, and it gives you a platform to brag about your own services without coming off like a sales pitch. Send me an email, so we can talk about improving how your company markets their services.