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Before you hire your commercial copywriter, you need to know they can deliver! Take a look at my portfolio gallery below and imagine the types of projects I could do for you. Just click on any of the image preview icons to open the PDF.

Categories for your review include:

*Newsletter and Blog Copy     *Consumer Product Copy    *Published Nonfiction Copy

*Educational Services Industry Copy     *Human Resources Industry Copy

Newsletter and Blog Copy


Everyone needs to communicate with their clients, potential clients, employees, or the general public, and there truly is no better way to do so then with eye-catching copy that people love to read AND SHARE with everyone else. Whether you have a regular blog that re-posts on all your social media outlets, or if you send out weekly or monthly newsletters, the bottom line is you need fresh copy focused on the wants, needs, and preferences of your target audience. Let me help you produce that new copy on a regular basis.

Consumer Product Copy


Many clients are interested in improving their traffic and sales by including more distinctive product copy. These examples highlight my belief that consumer product copy should be more than just basic descriptions of what you’re trying to sell. Consumer product copy needs to be visual, easy to scan, and above all it needs to speak to your customers on an emotional level. If written effectively, this type of copy explains the benefits your customers will receive, persuading on-the-fence consumers to buy your products.

Published Nonfiction Copy

I wrote this book for the Atlantic Publishing Company in 2009. By clicking the picture, you can go to Amazon and get an extensive preview of the book.

I wrote this academic study guide for GradeSaver. The guide includes chapter-by-chapter summaries, character reviews and analysis, literary context analysis, key quote discussions, and historical research about the author, the text, and the literary period.

Educational Services Industry Copy


These samples showcase my ability to promote the benefits of using educational services providers. As you’ll see, the copy does not only target traditional students. The copy also targets professionals who are trying to improve their business and technical skills. Likewise, the copy is also aimed at human resources managers who are in need of new materials for corporate-level training. Lastly, the copy also targets casual learners who are on the lookout for more interactive approaches to learning.

Human Resources Industry Copy


In this collection of documents, check out the marketing copy I wrote that promoted the services of staffing agencies. Some of the copy was also meant to provide potential clients with insightful and thought-provoking information about their current HR practices. These types of documents could be used for indirect marketing campaigns, but they were also used for newsletters and website copy.