My Experience as a Freelancer

Although I consider myself a generalist, in that I write for almost any audience and produce a wide range of documents and marketing copy, I have spent a large amount of my career writing for certain industries.

Early on in my career, I was hired by Atlantic Publishing to produce a nonfiction book about how to change careers, (a sample of this book can be found in my portfolio). During this project, I gained extensive knowledge about the employment industry, different career fields, and both vocational and educational training.

After this project, I remained writing in the employment industry. One of the clients I went to work for included, who specialized in providing users with informational content about individual career fields, including required training, certification, licensing procedures, salary statistics, and overall job outlooks.

It is not surprising that during that time in my career I also started writing about the education industry. I took on several clients who were promoting a wide range of educational services and related products. Instead of just informational copy, I was also creating promotional web copy that described how the services and products could significantly benefit students. I also produced similar marketing copy for licensure and certification preparation services, as well as for corporate-level professional development training services.

Another industry that I have gained experience in includes human resources. For these staffing agency clients, I have produced well-researched articles and blogs about such topics as employee recognition programs, diversity, reducing turnover, and management training plans. I have also written B2B copy for promoting the services of these agencies, and I have written both marketing and educational copy for human resources online content pages.

Throughout my career, I have also had clients from various fields of business. For these clients, I have produced brochures, product reviews, pamphlets, product descriptions, user-based instructional materials, employee training documents, press releases, project proposals, white papers, advertisements, and additional business documents.