What I Can Do for You

Bottom Line: I can save you large amounts of time and money.

Most likely, your to-do list is endless. Trying to complete extra writing projects is not your priority. You know these projects need to be done, but you have at least 10 other tasks that need to be done right now! Spending time on additional projects means taking time away from more important duties, and time lost equals money lost.

Luckily, there’s a better way to get those extra writing projects completed without losing so much of your time and money. Outsource the projects to a commercial freelance writer like me.

I’m an expert writer and interviewer. I know how to ask you the right questions to find out exactly what you need in every piece of copy. I’m also not afraid to ask questions during the writing process, because I am committed to getting your project done the way you want it.

By keeping our lines of communication open, I can produce clear and concise copy that accomplishes your goals and reaches your audience. Plus, I guarantee to meet your publishing deadlines, which keeps you on schedule AND makes you look  more productive.